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Vail Vacation

by | Jul 10, 2009 |

Well I am up here in VAil CO for Jorge Torres’ wedding. We are staying at an awesome resort and it is like a mini vacation. It is kind of difficult because I am in the middle of some serious training for the World Championships in Berlin but I have always been able to stay disciplined enough to keep focused. We flew in from Eugene on Wed. night and then we stopped over in Boulder for the night. I wanted to be able to do my track workout on thursday morning there in Boulder because I am so familiar with it after living there for six years. Also I had to do miler repeats so it sounded like a lot better idea to do them at 5400ft instead of 8100ft in Vail. It was great though and I felt really good being the first workout at altitude in two plus years. We then drove the two hours up here and checked in. I took Addy for a walk around town so that Kalin could get out for a little jog too. Jason Hartmann, my long time friend from high school finally made it up in time for us to do a little afternoon shakeout jog. I have been feeling great so it was always a nice surprise that the 8100ft didn’t bother me at all. We got back and headed down to the Fiesta party to welcome all the guests and we had a blast. Luckily my Mom and her husband came up from Colorado Springs(where the live) and took Addy for the night so we could have fun.
I got up this morning and expected to feel like crap running after doing two long hard workouts in three days but I felt awesome, must be the new training! I am going this afternoon to try and find a track to do my speed workout tomorrow. Luckily Alberto gave me something short and fast tomorrow because the longer the repeats the harder the altitude hits back. Until next time…