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Traveling nomads

by | Jul 25, 2009 |

Sad day, I took my girls and Muenster our pug to the airport this morning. I always hate when they all go at once. I watch them walking away and think “there goes my whole life!” The only thing that left me in a good mood was watching my wife try to navigate security with a dog and a toddler. She has it down though. Both Addy and Muenster had to be out of the stroller and carrying bag and so she put all her stuff on the security belt and then had Addy in one arm and Muen in the other. Luckily the security guy took her stroller for her. It was a sight to see. From there it was easy though and her Mom will pick her up on the other side. I will have to wait to see them for a week and a half though and it will be on the other side of the world. It is always hard for me to leave Addy. With Kalin I can at least talk to her and she knows she will see me soon, but Addy doesn’t really know where I am or when she will see me.
It will be great though to get overseas and get settled in before the buzz of the World Championships gets any busier. I have trained well the last four weeks and I just ready to get rolling. Next time I will let you know how the other side of the world is. Until next time…