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On Top of the World

by | Jul 28, 2009 |

Hello everyone from one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Switzerland is amazing. It is like a combination of Oregon and Colorado, huge mountains but beautiful green everywhere. It makes it a little easier leaving the family when you are in a setting like this. I have to admit, though, that I wasn’t feeling like that yesterday. I hate the long travel from the west coast to Europe, but it was even worse when we had to take an hour train ride when we got here. On top of that our train broke down in the middle of the mountains. By the time I got here I was exhausted but still had to go for a run. The feeling soon wore off, though, as I went for a short shakeout around the lake and was amazed. I could not help but think of how lucky I am to be able to do this for a living.

I came with Amy Begley and our massage therapist Al Kupzack and it was nice to have someone to complain with during the long travel. When we finally got into town it was good to see some familiar faces with Teg, Solinsky, and Tim Nelson in town. The rest of our group will be here soon, and with my wife and daughter coming in a week or so I feel like we are taking the town over.

What a change it is for me being in this group. It is such a better feeling. The last few times I came to Europe in the summer season I was depressed that I was by myself and isolated. Now it is a travel group andĀ the difference isĀ amazing.

I can’t wait to get the travel out of my legs and get back to it. It should be great training here as I explored town a little today and it is distance runner’s paradise. There’s even the lake to throw the legs in afterwards. Off to relax and get some rest before a second run. Until next time…