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Glad Dad

by | Aug 05, 2009 |

So I am sitting here with all the lights turned off because Kalin and Addy are dead asleep. It was so great to see them. It had only been 10 days, but they are really my whole world, so it was great to swing by the train station and pick them up. What a great wife I have. She has hauled that kid all over the world just so that I can follow my dreams. It is hard to explain, but when they are around everything goes more smoothly for me. Workouts are better, I sleep better, my mood is better. When you have those little breaks away, that is when you really realize how much they mean to you.

Addy was so excited to see me when they got off the train. Kalin was excited too, but after three flights and three trains, she gave me the “she’s your problem now” look. But I didn’t mind. Luckily I had done a long run this morning, so I had all afternoon to spend with them and I didn’t have to hit the trails again. I wish they would have been here yesterday, though, because I had a very easy day because of a hard workout the day before and I was so bored!

That is one thing that people always say: “Wow, you get to see all these cool places all over the world.” That is true, but I really see a lot of cool hotel rooms because I am always at these places training and racing. Nevertheless, I think that the opportunity that Addy has is so cool. When she goes to school, she will be able to say she has been all over the world. I definitely realized tonight what a different life we have now, though. Kalin has been traveling with me for years, but we take a different path now. We had to go down early to eat our five-course dinner(which we were so happy they rushed through) because Addy was so tired and it would have been fun to hang out with Adam, Kara, Amy and her husband Andrew, but hopefully Adam and Kara will join us at the family table soon!

Those are good problems to have, though, because my family is always there for me. Running can be taken away at any time, as I have had happen in the past, but they are always here for me, which I am so thankful for. I need to go rest now though because Alberto told me today, “I am going to kill you in workouts, and then kill you if you don’t rest” –¬†advice from the great Bill Bowerman. Until next time…