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Big Steps

by | Aug 19, 2009 |

The race is done. 6th place and a new PR of 27:22. It was tough, but I felt very good and was able to hang in there and run very well. I feel like it was sort of a breakthrough race for me. It was not so much the new PR, because I feel like I could have run quite a bit faster in a different type of race. What got me so excited is that I closed the gap and made the thought of winning medals at the Olympics and World Championships¬†seem a real possibility. The advance I made over this summer has been dramatic and I am so excited about just being competitive again. I recall in Osaka in ’07, I was 9th, but I got lapped and was way out of contention. This time I was able to stay in contact, and really hung in there. The race was difficult because we started at a modest pace, but the middle was incredibly fast. I think I averaged 64-second laps for a couple miles. I think in the end it reaffirmed for me that I made the right choice to work with Alberto. He is so good at the mental aspect of racing and training, and I feel like it has revived me as a runner. Back to work now, time to run some fast 5k’s. Until next time…