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On the move.

by | Oct 19, 2009 |

So much for a relaxing and peaceful break. The last week has been spent packing and moving. We have our apartment up in Portland and almost all of our things are out of our house in Eugene. I have only one more trip to make tomorrow and we will be all set up here. The only thing now is to sell our house! Not much interest in it so far, so if you want a house great house in Eugene, you can have it. It will be nice to finally have everything up here and then I can settle into the new routine. It was hard to think of our home in Eugene as “home,” because I knew we would be living up in Portland and so I had pretty much moved on and was really looking forward to getting up here. The whole family did great with the move and even though it might be a little cramped living in an apartment after being in a house, it is only temporary.
I am really getting the itch to run right now. It has been 8 days off now and I think I must be addicted to running. I was telling my friend the other day that it is one thing taking a break when you need it mentally or physically, but it is tough when you are enjoying training and racing. For me it was like climbing a mountain for years, only to get to the summit and go right back down again. I suppose it is good that I want more, I only hate that I will have gone from being in the best shape in my life to being completely out of shape in only two weeks. Alberto told me however that I need to have the mental strength and confidence to take time off and know that it will come right back. I am like a caged animal right now though. Kalin tells me that it is a good thing we are moving and that it is giving me something to do because I am driving her crazy. To keep me busy so she doesn’t kill me, send me some questions and I will dedicate the next blog to answering them. Until next time…