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Different training.

by | Jan 16, 2010 |

So in the last blog post I had a few requests to look at periodization of training.  I thought it would be a good idea to post some sample training weeks, as well as what the different training has been like for me over the years, pulling from high school, college, and the two post collegiate systems I have trained under.  First, here are some samples of the best weeks that I have had in each system.  This is how a normal week would look during these training periods.

High School- Summer of 2000 before XC season in Rockford MI

Monday: AM 7 miles easy on trails. PM 3 mile warm-up 5 x 1 mile on XC terrain at 5:10 pace 3  minutes rest 2 mile cool down. Drills and bounding.

Tuesday: AM 7 miles easy on trails. PM 3 mile warm-up hill repeats ranging from 200m-500m.  2 mile cool down. Core

Wednesday: AM 7 miles easy on trails. PM 3 mile warm-up 10 minutes of stair running.  32 x 400m in 66 with 400m jog.  8×50 meter explosions.  2 mile cool down.  (longest day ever!)

Thursday: AM 5 miles easy on trails.  PM 3 mile warm-up, 20 minutes of 100m stride/ 100m easy. 2 mile cool down.  core and drills.

Friday: AM 8 miles easy

Saturday: AM: 3 mile warm-up 5 mile tempo at 5:10 pave on the roads.  2 mile cool down.

Sunday: AM 12 miles easy on trails and road.

College- Spring of 2004 after 27:38 10k debut in Boulder Colorado 5,400 ft

Monday: AM 7 miles easy on bike path. PM 7 miles easy on grass field.  Strides and stadium bounding.

Tuesday: PM 3 mile warm-up and strides.  20 x 400m in 64 with 200m jog. 3 mile cool down.  Lift

Wednesday: PM 15 miles at cinder trail at 5:45 pace

Thursday: AM 7 miles easy on trail. PM 7 miles easy on bike path.  Strides and stadium Bounding.

Friday: PM 3 mile warm-up and strides. 10k threshold on the track at 4:50 pace. 3 mile cool down.

Saturday: 10 miles easy on trails.

Sunday: 17 miles on Magnolia Road at 8600ft. 5:50 Average.

Post Collegiate with Brad Hudson – Spring of 2009 in London Marathon Training.

Monday: AM 9 miles easy with hill sprints and drills.  PM 6 miles easy.

Tuesday: AM 3 mile warm-up.  Drills and strides.  15x1000m on the road with 60 sec recovery in 2:47.  3 miles cool down.  PM 5 miles easy

Wednesday: AM 9 miles easy. PM 7 miles easy.

Thursday: AM 9 miles easy with drills and strides.  PM 5 miles easy

Friday: AM 3 mile warm-up. Drills and strides. 2 x 4 miles on wood chips at 4:45 pace with 2 minutes recovery. 3 mile warm down.  PM 5 miles easy

Saturday: AM 7 miles easy

Sunday: 20 miles with last 5 miles hill climb at 4-5%.  5:45 average total.

Post Collegiate with Alberto Salazar- Summer of 2009 in St. Moritz at 6000ft before WC 10k

Monday: AM 3 mile warm-up, drills and strides.  7 x 1000m with 400m rec. in 2:39. 3 mile cool down. PM 5 miles easy.

Tuesday: AM 5 miles.  PM 5 miles easy

Wednesday: AM 6 miles easy.  PM 5 miles easy

Thursday: AM 6 miles easy and drills and Strides.  PM. Easy 5 miles

Friday: AM. 3 miles warm-up, drills and strides.  3 x 600m,400m,300m,200m with 300m recovery averaging 1:27, 57, 41, 26. 3 mile cool down. PM 5 miles easy

Saturday: AM 5 miles easy. PM 5 miles easy with drills and strides

Sunday: AM 3 mile warm-up, drills and strides.  5k time trial in 13:44. 3 mile cool-down.  PM 4 miles easy.

These weeks are examples, and the workouts are correct, though they maybe be from a week or two before or after the race.  As you can see with the high school training, it was a crazy amount of quality and muscular training.  I would never be able to do that now because when you are 17 or 18 years old you can just do almost anything without breaking down.  It was basically 6 days a week of intensity!  When I got to college, Coach Wetmore was a huge Lydiard disciple.  It was modified to NCAA seasons but it was a lot higher volume and really fast repeats with short recovery.  Also, the long runs were similar to a long tempo run.  We usually had one short fast workout, as short as 8x200m with 30 sec recovery, all out.  With Brad Hudson I did tons of threshold training and most of the workouts were run just above or just below half marathon race pace.  During the marathon training it was not uncommon to have no real easy long run but a workout/long run which was to build the fuel system, doing up to 20 miles at marathon race pace.  On occasion I did run some faster workouts but very rarely.  I did have my best races while doing shorter faster training though. With Alberto the workouts are much faster with longer recovery, but I wont elaborate to much since those are my secrets still.  The volume of my training has been the same for almost 10 years, around 100 miles a week on average.  My experiences with Coach Wetmore and Alberto have been a lot more emphasis on periodizing the training.  With Brad the periodization seemed to only come during marathon training, otherwise it was very similar much of the year.  In high school there was no periodization,  I was just doing more than everyone else! Let me know your thoughts.