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Baby Ritz #2

by | Mar 06, 2010 |

As many already know, we have our second child on the way.  We found out about two weeks ago that we will be having a baby boy.  We were a little shocked when we heard the news.  There is some crazy statistic that male distance runners and cyclists have mostly girls.  Aside from that, my Dad’s family has seven girls and only two boys, and my Mom’s family was four girls and no boys.  On my wife’s side it is similar as well, so we were thrilled when we broke the odds.  

It has been hard for me to wrap my head around a boy because I’m already in girl mode; having my daughter Addy. Although they say that boys and girls are statistically very similar, we have learned through experience that boys are very different from girls.   I would have been happy with either a boy or girl but I am very excited to have the Ritzenhein name carry on.  Maybe he will run 12:30 for 5k in 2036!  I hope my kids love running, but I will have to try and not to be a Vince Lombardi dad.  As long as they are happy and healthy thats OK. If we are lucky enough in the future, we hope to add one more kid to the family, then I could have a triathlon team!