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Life With Two Kids (Three, Including Me)

by | Aug 22, 2010 |

It has been a while since I have put up a new blog post, but I forgot how chaotic life can be with a new baby.  Our son Jude was born on July 23rd and thank God he was healthy.  My wife has really adapted well and she is amazing to be able to handle him and still be able to give our daughter everything she needs.  On top of that, she is taking care of me!  Now that I am in the full swing of marathon training I am pretty much a big baby myself.  I have to say I really could  not do it without her.  It amazes me how much she can handle because if I take the baby for twenty minutes I am exhausted.  I know I am not cut out to be a stay-at-home Dad and I have so much respect for a caregiver in the family.  On top of all the new changes she has had to deal with, there’s also my increased training load.  I usually leave the house around 8:30 and don’t get back until 1:00 in the afternoon. Then I grab lunch, take a nap for two hours and leave for my second run, not getting home until 6:30.  With all that going on, we don’t get a ton of time to spend on fun stuff, so we really treasure the afternoons we get when I don’t train.  Usually on the day I do a long run I don’t have an afternoon session, so that is really prime time to spend with the family.  As much work as it is, I am really enjoying training and being healthy, but I have to always remember not to become too obsessed with running and remember the amazing family I have.

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