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Great North Run–Ouch!

by | Sep 19, 2010 |

So the Great North Run did not go as well as I had hoped. Sometimes we have a tough day at the office but I can say I did take some things away from the race.  The biggest problem for me today was that I was out way too fast!  It was hard for me to come to this race and not try to take up right where I left off last year.  It has been almost a year since I raced (with the exception of U.S. XC, which was not a very hard effort for me).  After that long time off I really struggled to know where “the line” was and I crossed way over it.  To tell you the truth I was spent by 10K. I really struggled to hold on and I came in very slowly but it was all I could do.  I think in the end I was probably in 61-minute shape and I tried to run 59:30! Another big problem that compounded it for me was I wore the wrong racing shoes.  I love the Streak XC and that is what I wore last year at the World Half but they are really a 5K-10K shoe and my calfs were barely working in the last 5K of the race.  I think they worked for me last year because I had just come off the track season and had spent a lot of time in spikes so my lower legs were strong.  For the marathon I am going to step up to the Streak 3 which is a little beefier.  So what positives can I take away from this? I have seven weeks to go before NYC and I believe I will gain fitness so much faster than most people.  I have been running for 10 weeks after taking the better part of six months off with injury.  So in this next seven weeks my fitness will rapidly improve and I am not that bad off as it seems.  I also will have to check my pride and pay more attention to where I am.  I tried too hard to go when I was over my head and I struggled but I went for it and know now where my fitness level is.  Most importantly I got the feeling of racing again–which was very difficult–but I needed that after such a long absence.  So what’s next?  Off to altitude training and possibly a minor tune-up race (training through it, of course), but that is yet to be decided.

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