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Plans Change

by | Oct 16, 2010 |

I was supposed to be lining up in the morning to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon, but as often happens, plans change.  Shortly after the Great North Run, Alberto said I needed another race.  To quote him: “You looked like crap.”  The tough part was that the next seven weeks were really the most important part of my training for the ING New York City Marathon.  We wanted to find something that was the least invasive to the training as possible. Ultimately, Alberto decided that training was going well; we got a great benefit out the last long tempo we did, so the best thing to do was go back to Nike and do another one.  I think this was a good move.  I feel good and I really needed one more long race pace workout to refine everything.  This is really the last chance to do that now that I am only three weeks out from the race and I begin my taper Tuesday after the workout.  The taper will be gradual and there will still be some longer, hard workouts, because it is important for the marathon to keep those in.  I know they will be hard because Alberto told me a few weeks ago, “I am going to run you until you are dead in every workout from now on.  If we’re going to try and beat Geb we need to do some good shit!” However the volume will start coming down slowly and I am really looking forward to freshening up.  Of course, not every workout can be that hard but I have done some brutal ones!  After this long tempo I will come back to altitude for 10 more days to put the finishing touches on everything.  I never like having to change plans and pull out of races but for once it is nice to make that choice because things are going better than expected!

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