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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

by | Mar 03, 2011 |

I was asking my wife what my next blog should be about as she was looking in one of her gossip magazines the other day.  In the magazine was a section titled, “20 things you should know about The Bachelor,” and she suggested I should  a let people know a little about myself that others might not know.   Well, nobody really cares what latte I prefer like the bachelor, but I figure 10 running things might be cool. Feel free to ask me some questions that you would like to know as well.

1. My favorite training session is a long steady run. I love to get a larger volume run in in the morning and have that sense of accomplishment all day.  I’m not a huge fan of doing really hard workouts, but I love moderately hard efforts.  Some people prefer to go to the track and hammer out hard intervals, but not me.

2. My favorite place in the world to train is St. Moritz, Switzerland. When I was there in 2009 I could not believe how beautiful it was and the endless trails that were smooth, groomed and fairly flat–a distance runners paradise.  The track has the most amazing setting as well. I would workout and then come back and sit in the lake to ice, which is only 100m from the track.  The only bad thing is that it is probably only good for a couple months out of the year, and even in the summer you wont be getting a great tan because it is not very warm.

3. My favorite type of cross training is spinning on the bike.  I really dislike almost all cross training, even though I have had to do a ridiculous amount of it in my career. On the bike, I can get my heart-rate fairly high and I can go for a long time which helps mimic running, thus, making the transition back to running easier.

4. When I first started running I was not a stand-out. In 7th grade, my first track season, I was middle of the pack on my team with a 12:00 2 mile.  I improved the next year to 10:24 for 2 miles breaking the school record and by my freshman year I ran 9:30 for 2 miles.  So you never know, talent can take a little bit to come out.

5. When I can’t train because of injury I tend to live vicariously through my wife and kids.  I coached my wife after our daughter was born because she wanted to have a goal post pregnancy. She ran the USA 25k in our home town and got fifth after only a couple months of training and she nursed her between her warm-up and the race! I have my kids do Nike Sparq training in the garage now too, luckily they think its fun.

6. Alberto is the only coach I have had through the years that has not been named Brad or Mark–all the way back to middle school! My middle school coach was Mark Harmsen, my high school coaches were Brad Prins and Mark Nessner, My college coach was Mark Wetmore, and when I became a professional with runner I was with Brad Hudson.  I debated about just staying in Eugene to run with Mark Rowland to keep the streak going!

7: I can’t roll out a bed and hit the pavement running.  I remember when I could sleep until five minutes before I needed to leave the house, now it takes me over an hour to be able to get out the door for a run.  I cannot run without coffee in the morning and breakfast.  The same goes for my afternoon run, if I don’t get a cup of coffee I am useless.  I guess I have gotten soft, but sitting there in the morning with a cup of coffee is a simple pleasure I can’t go with out.

8: I hope to go into coaching when I am done running. You might say, why not coach yourself? I have learned a lot about training over the years, even what it takes to run 12:56 but I still think most runners have a hard time not being emotional about their own running. Having someone thinking critically is important for me.

9: Before I got into running, I started out doing triathlons.  I want to give it another shot when I am done running! I do pretty good with both biking and swimming but I would have to rely on my running strength. I think it would just be fun to give it a shot but who knows, by then I may be old and get my butt kicked.

10: My favorite running shoes of all time are the original Nike Skylons.  I have been a Nike man ever since I started running, but those shoes were great.  They were so simple, but that was what made them the best.  As for spikes, I think it is hard to beat the Matumbo’s.  I have kept three pair of shoes from all my years and they are all spikes.  The prototype Zoom kennedy they made in Black and Gold for my last race in high school, the white Ventulus I wore when I won NCAA’s, and the Matumbo’s from when I ran the American Record.  One day they will have a home other than in a box in the basement.

Just some fun running facts, but throw some more questions out there. It’s a good chance to get random knowledge about me!