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Holiday presents

by | Dec 19, 2012 |

The holiday season is the best time of the year to stock up on all your favorite running gear.  Each year the latest and greatest items come out that help make you run faster, longer and recover quicker. If you are new to the sport, many of these items can really aid in your running experience.  Not everyone can get an alter-g treadmill or normatec boots, but here are a few of my favorite things for any type of runner:

  • The Stick, it’s found at or your local running store. For $30-$50 it is an essential.  Its a self massage tool for your muscles.  They range from length to flexibility, and are small enough to fit in your luggage when traveling to your next race. I always bring it with me for even a short trip.
  • Nike Air Pegasus, they can be found at many, all the big retail stores and your local running store.  They are a lightweight, neutral shoe with the latest mesh upper technology.  I love these shoes for my day in and day out training. It is a great deal for the money and most athletes can wear this shoe.
  • Compression Socks, these can be found at, or most running stores.  I always wear them when I travel to prevent swelling, and I also like to wear them when I run because it helps keep my lower extremities warm and it reduces friction and creating less fatigue on your muscles.
  • Foam Roller, these  can be found at in all different shapes, colors and sizes.  These are great for deep self massage and warming up your muscles.  I have a small one that I can travel with, and a larger one for home use.
  • Nike GPS watch, his can be found at most sports retail stores.  It retails from $149.99-169.99.  This watch can track your pace, heart rate, route and more.  Its great for getting a lot of information about your run, quickly. I also like that it has a USB port built into the strap so you just plug it in to record all your data.
  • Stretching Rope, these can be found almost anywhere, but just make sure they are at least 5 feet long to give you enough room to get a full range of motion.  I use this mostly post run to aid in recovery maintain flexibility. You don’t need a fancy one, just getting a good length of rope is fine. GO to to get some good tips on a stretching rope routine.
  • A running log is another essential. Many runners use a simple notebook but if you wants some extra tips and reminders, check out Matt Fitzgerald’s running log. It is a great buy especially for a beginning runner who is looking for some simple tips as well.

These few things are not only great gifts for all runners at any level, they all aim to aid in improving your running.  Each day I use most if not all of these items.   Running is a great sport where the cost to participate is fairly low.  There is no gym fee, no court times, no uniforms that need to be purchased and fairly minimal equipment.  Thats the beauty of running. Merry Christmas!